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Lego Derbies


Let your Cub Scouts build their OWN cars this year with a Ready Race Lego Derby!  Parents and leaders love the simplicity of this derby! Boys love the derby because they love Legos, building, racing, and crashing!

How it Works: 

  • Ready Race Party brings Legos, tracks and mats plus a Ready Race assistant to host the derby.

  • Up to 20 Cub Scouts, their families and leaders are all invited to build and race Lego cars for 1 hour.

  • All participants build and race as they finish their cars.  After racing, they are welcome to make changes to their cars and race again.

Price: $250 for up to 20 scouts and their families. At the pack meeting, siblings and families of scouts play free. 

+$50 for 21-30 scouts

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