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School Wide Events

Perfect for an end of term reward event, the end of the school year or anytime you need a fun, engaging event.  Ready Race Party can accommodate your whole school - usually in just one day for $1-$2 per student.

How it Works: 

  • Divide your students into groups of 60-75 students.

  • Decide how long you would like each group to have building and racing - 30-45 minutes per group.

  • Add 5 minutes between each group to your schedule for transitions.

  • Send each group down at their scheduled time.

  • Ready Race Party assistants will run the activity.  Teachers are invited to stay.

Price: $250 for the first hour, $100/hour for each additional hour

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After School Program

Are you looking for a fun activity for your afterschool program?  You've found it!
How It Works: Ready Race Party will bring and set up everything for your afterschool group.  
  • Send groups of up to 30-40 students with the group leaders to build and race for an hour.
  • If your group is bigger than 40 students, split into 2 groups and send the second group the next hour.
Cost: $250 for the first hour, $50/hour for each hour after